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Our Philosophy

Birkett House has a long-standing history of working with mainstream partner schools to broaden the offer for our students in their journey through school. We describe this as the school not wishing to place a ‘glass ceiling’ for our children when they first come to us. When a young person arrives with us at an early age, it is incredibly challenging to foresee their future and what their learning journey may look like, so we feel it’s really important  that your child should have a range of pathways open to them as they grow and develop. We know we support many children and young people who need a very specialist teaching approach and an environment and that is what our Wigston Site is built for. However, we also have a number of young people who come to us that, with the right support, could succeed in working alongside mainstream peers developing not just their academic skills but also benefiting from the social inclusion a bigger environment can bring. All children should have the right to be educated within their local community, but we understand that this can not always be possible. This is our way of trying to meet that goal as and where we can.